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Tools for pushing and pulling cable above ceilings and crawl spaces.

quickstrike heavy duty push-pull rod
QuickStrike Heavy Duty Push/Pull Rod
List Price: $180.00
Our Price: $126.00
Save $54.00!


The QuicStrike is a new heavy duty triple telescoping push/pull rod.
quic stic triple 6' push/pull extension pole
Quic Stic Triple 6' Telescoping Fiberglass Push/Pull Extension Pole
List Price: $180.00
Our Price: $126.00
Save $54.00!

Product Code: Quic-Stic

The Quic Stic is a utility "lay-up" stick. It is primarily designed for the cable industry but has many other uses. The push/pull design allows you to place wires where you want them with very little effort.

Extension Poles

At Hook and Hanger we pride ourselves to be purveyors of everything needed for the low voltage cable industry - from phone engineers, electricians to computer networking engineers. Our philosophy has always been how can we make their work and tools safer, better, easier and better priced than any of our competitors.

For this reason we have a large range of extension poles including:

Choosing the right extension pole

Our Extension Poles feature:

'Telescoping Pole':

With a multitude of attachments, making this an excellent telescopic pole. The pole extensions include:
  • All Purpose Hook
  • Ball & Chain
  • Bullet Tip
  • "Grabit" Hook (self-directional)
  • LED Lighted Tip
  • Magnet Locator
  • Magnet with Flexible Extension
  • Miniature Roller Guide
  • Pull Eye
  • Pulling Eye with Flexible Extension
  • Standard Hook
  • Universal Tip
'Lagmaster Plus':

The Lagmaster Plus is the ultimate all-in-one lag pole tool. The unique interchangeable plug-in heads make it the most efficient and effective lag poles of its kind. Use it to install ceiling wire, jack chain, threaded rod, smooth rod and a variety of fasteners to the ceiling - safely from the ground.

'Quic Stic':

This Extension Pole It was primarily designed for the datacomm and cabling industries but it can be put to use in many other applications. The opposing hooks allow you to place cables and wires where you need them with very little effort... and it's great for general lifting and pulling.

'Longshooter "Fixed Extension Pole"':

The Long Shooter Extension pole extends the reach of your powder actuated tool. Specially designed to work with Hilti'strade; DX350 & DX35. Ramset'strade; Cobra. Simpson'strade; PT-27 & PT-25S. Powerstrade; P3600, P3500 & P35S. As well as Bluepoint's™ BP301.

This extension pole, specifically designed to extend the reach of powder actuated tools is sturdy, light weight fiberglass construction and dielectric; meeting OSHA's standards.