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Eye Lag Screws - The I-Lag Screw

The I-Lag Screw is our branded eye lag screw. These eye lag screws have been designed for both wood and metal alike. Their primary use is the hanging of ceiling wire and jack chain, but they also have a variety of other uses.

i-lag screw (eye lag screw) for use in wood
Eye Lag Screw (Eye Lag Screw) for Use in Wood
List Price: $10.80
Our Price: $8.71
Save $2.09!

Product Code: W300C

The W300C is a sharp point I-LAG™ screw (Eye Lag Screw) that is designed for use in wood.
eye lag screw for sheet metal
Eye Lag Screw (I-Lag Screw) for 16-22 Gauge Sheet Metal
List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $24.23
Save $5.77!

Product Code: 750 SDC
The self drilling I-lag (Eye Lag) screw for sheet metal is used to hang ceiling wire and jack chain quickly and is designed to go directly into 16 to 22 gauge sheet metal..
I-Drill Driver
List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $6.49
Save $3.46!

Product Code: I-Drill Driver

Use the I-Drill Driver to install I-Lag™ screws into metal or wood surfaces with a power drill.
eye lag screw for sheet metal
Self-Drilling Deep Driller Eye Lag Screw
Our Price: $29.95

Product Code: ELDX
The New ELDX - Deep Drilling Eye Lag Screw is designed to go into structural steel up to 1/4" thick, NOT FOR USE IN SHEET METAL THINNER THAN 12 GAUGE (0.1094").

Eye Lag Screws - Further Information

Contact us for further information on our eye lag screws. Follow this link for further documentation on our eye lag screws or alternatively go to our video page to see the I-Lag Screw in action.